Here's How to Clean Your Car Quickly

We here at Kia Downtown Los Angeles want you to be proud of the car you drive. Fortunately, it's easy to keep your car looking freshly detailed even when you're pressed for time. Here's how to clean your car in just five minutes.

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Back to School Car Care Tips

\Whether going across town to high school or across the country to college, you want your vehicle to be in top working order. Before school starts, make a point of performing maintenance or having your car, truck or SUV inspected at Kia of Downtown Los Angeles. Take care of the basic maintenance needs that include an oil change and tire checks. Rotate or replace the tires if needed. Evaluate the brake, coolant and transmission fluids and fill them as needed. Check the condition of the windshield wiper blades, which are inexpensive and easy to replace. 

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Putting Your Vehicle's Roof Rack to Good Use

If you have a roof rack on your vehicle, you should know how to use that and you should always put it to good use. The team here in Los Angeles wants you to know how to best use every part of your vehicle, including the roof rack.

When you are using your roof rack, make sure that your properly secure those items that you are stashing on top of it. You do not want anything flying around when you put your car in motion. Always read the instructions that go along with any feature of your car before you…

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Why Use a Clay Bar When Detailing Your Vehicle?

The team at Kia of Downtown Los Angeles wants to provide you information on an alternative to traditional detailing. Here is how the clay bar can transform the look of your vehicle.

Each day you drive your vehicle, contaminants of all sorts are sticking to the exterior of the vehicle. Washing with water gets most of these particles, but many remain and eat away at the coating on the paint. The clay bar acts as a magnet when used for detailing, and the remaining particles stick to it instantly.

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Soft Brake Pedal Needs Attention

Your brakes are important, and you use them often. Your safety depends on solid braking. When your brake pedal feels soft and spongy, then that may be a sign of problems, and it is a time to have an expert take a look.

Local drivers know the importance of reliable brakes. Stops can be planned or sudden, but they keep us from colliding with vehicles and objects on the roadway. A soft pedal is not firm, and it can be inconsistent. A frequent cause of the soft pedal is too much air in the brake line so that the hydraulic…

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Endless Opportunities for Using a Vehicle Dashcam

There are so many opportunities to use a video camera in this day and age. Whether it’s something that we learn from or something that gives us a very good laugh, video cameras have helped us in so many ways!

Have you considered owning a vehicle dashcam?

A vehicle dashcam is a great idea to use if you’re planning a long-distance road trip. You get to extend the trip for viewing pleasure when you get to your final destination or when you return. It also adds more excitement and adventure to your trip.

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Floor Mat Considerations: What Type Is Right for You?

Floor mats are not typically something people spend a lot of time thinking about. But floor mats are important when it comes to protecting your car's interior and keeping it clean. Our shoes drag in all sorts of outside pollutants that can damage or stain your car's interior carpet. Factory floor mats can often lack the size and durability needed to protect the carpet underneath adequately. Luckily there is a wide variety of aftermarket floor mat options available.

The most important consideration when choosing between the two most common types of floor mats, all-weather rubber mats...

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Understanding Vehicle Warranties

Vehicles typically have bumper-to-bumper or powertrain warranties. Powertrain warranties cover the components that supply power to the wheels to make the vehicle move. As the coverage is less extensive, the warranty is less expensive. Bumper-to-bumper warranties cover powertrains and more.

The comprehensive bumper-to-bumper warranties are more expensive as they cover the vehicle parts that are designed to last longer. They do not cover wearable parts that include braking system components, tires or the exterior surfaces of the vehicle. They may not cover hoses or certain...

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Do You Need a Vehicle with Front or Rear Wheel Drive?

Knowing a little bit about the pros and cons of the front and rear wheel drive vehicles can make the task of picking out the vehicle that is right for you so much easier. Which choice is best for you will depend a lot on your driving habits and conditions as well as your budget.

Rear wheel drive vehicles are made for speed and superior handling. Police cars, race cars, and sport style cars are usually rear wheel drive. These vehicles are designed to take a lot of heavy-duty driving without suffering any serious damage. But because they are made…

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How To Jump a Car

Have you ever had the horrible feeling of turning the key in your car only to hear the click of a dead battery? It happens. If there is another car close by, you can try to jump start your vehicle. Here is a summary of how to jump start, but be sure to read your owner’s manual before you attempt it.

Do not allow the metal clamps to come into contact with any other part of the car. Attach the positive cable to the dead positive terminal then attach to the other positive clamp to the good battery. Clamp…

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