There are a ton of options with the latest Kia Optima. Whether you want technology features, driver assistance options, higher acceleration, or better fuel economy, the Optima delivers with one of the best prices for the midsize market. You truly get the most value from this everyday vehicle whether you pick the base edition or the highest trim.

The advanced technology features make the Kia Optima the best car if you want an optimized driving experience. Reliable, safe, and modern, the Optima allows you to check out your blind spot and get pre-collision warnings. The base edition comes standard with a rearview camera and an 8-inch LCD display in the center console. You can easily use parking assist for those difficult spots.

With a six-speaker audio system and instant connectivity to your smartphone, you can also use Siri and Google to go wherever you need, open a number of apps, or make phone calls on-the-go. You can experience the latest Optima at Kia Downtown Los Angeles.


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