We’ve all heard about the importance of having a roadside emergency kit in our vehicles, yet many drivers fail to do so. It’s usually not until we’re stranded on the road that we realize the importance of being prepared. Our team at Kia Downtown Los Angeles would love to help you make your own roadside emergency kit and explain its importance.

Here is a list of things you might want in your roadside emergency kit.
• Blankets and pillow
• Flashlight with additional batteries
• Flat tire kit
• Tool kit
• Water or similar fluids
• First aid kit
• Jumper cables

What might appear to be a minor problem can turn into a serious breakdown, so it’s important to be prepared. You may not need all the items mentioned, but it’s better to be over-prepared than under. Stop at our store in Los Angeles to get your roadside emergency kit or supplies. We’re also available for any automotive services you might need.


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