Even when a car is parked, it's in danger of being hit. This is one of the top reasons why Los Angeles drivers who want to protect themselves and their investments are having dash cams installed. This innovative technology creates indisputable records of damage-causing events. At Kia Downtown Los Angeles, we're eager to help motorists get optimum value from these amazing accessories. That's why we're sharing two of the most important benefits gained from using them.

Sidestep Insurance Fraud

Fraudulent accident claims are surprisingly common. In fact, there are actual video records of people purposefully stepping out in front of slow-moving cars, and of people laying down in front of cars that are already at a complete stop. By capturing footage of all that's around your vehicle, a dash cam can help you sidestep these troublesome claims entirely.

Prove Your Innocence

?If you're ever involved in a car accident, your dash cam could play a key role in determining whether or not you are actually at fault. Given that an increasing number of drivers are using these tools, it's important to have clear video records of your own. To learn more about dash cams, or to get professional accessory installation and automotive servicing, drop by Kia Downtown Los Angeles.


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