Signs Your Ignition Requires Service

It's customary to place the key in the ignition, crank your vehicle, and go wherever you want. So, of course, it’s a bit surprising if this doesn’t happen because your car didn't start. You could immediately assume that you have an expired battery and although that there are times that assumption may be true, it might also be an issue with the ignition or starter.

Typically, ignitions do not fail to start with no indication that a problem existed in the first place. The key is to know what signs to look for:

  • You twist the key and hear a grinding noise
  • You hear a whining noise when you are starting your car
  • You catch a whiff of a burnt smell when you are attempting to start your vehicle
  • You hear a click when you turn the key

If your car is exhibiting any of these signs, look to the ignition as the possible culprit. 


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