If you love taking your pickup truck tailgating we at Kia Downtown Los Angeles have some great tips to make your experience one-of-a-kind. Staying organized and preparing ahead are the best ways to make tailgating memorable.

Prepare as much of your food the night before to save time when onsite. Meat can be marinated, and patties can be formed. Burger toppings should all be sliced and put into containers for easy access.

A toolbox is a great place for tailgating essentials such as spatulas, mini first-aid kits, paper towels, sunscreen, and zip bags. You can also make a hand washing station out of an old, large laundry soap container!

A metal bucket for coals and colorful balloons for your guests to find your truck are things tailgaters usually leave behind. Include these so you can keep having a great time!

If you are interested in more about tailgating, stop by and get your truck serviced in Los Angeles, CA at our dealership to get the answers to your questions!

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