Tire Pressure Light

You are driving along and all of a sudden, your tire pressure light comes on. You know you have enough air in your tires, and you didn't run over any sharp debris in the road so you are a bit confused as to what the problem could be. Let's run down a few potential problems that could be occurring with your tires:

  • Tire damage can occur from regular wear and tear on your tires and the tread wearing down low. Also, the damage can occur from running over something that embeds itself into the tire.
  • If the weather has recently turned colder the air in your tires may condense a bit and cause your tires to be a little low on pressure. A quick fill up will fix this issue.

If you are unsure what is going on with your tires after running down some common problems give us here at Kia of Downtown Los Angeles a call today.

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