Why Use a Clay Bar When Detailing Your Vehicle?

The team at Kia of Downtown Los Angeles wants to provide you information on an alternative to traditional detailing. Here is how the clay bar can transform the look of your vehicle.

Each day you drive your vehicle, contaminants of all sorts are sticking to the exterior of the vehicle. Washing with water gets most of these particles, but many remain and eat away at the coating on the paint. The clay bar acts as a magnet when used for detailing, and the remaining particles stick to it instantly.

There are little particles on the paint surface that eat away at the surface you can't see, but the clay bar gets them all and leaves the exterior of the vehicle looking like new. Fewer particles on the paint improve the look instantly.

While you focus on the detailing of your vehicle, allow the team in our service center to take care of all the maintenance issues throughout the year.



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