Soft Brake Pedal Needs Attention

Your brakes are important, and you use them often. Your safety depends on solid braking. When your brake pedal feels soft and spongy, then that may be a sign of problems, and it is a time to have an expert take a look.

Local drivers know the importance of reliable brakes. Stops can be planned or sudden, but they keep us from colliding with vehicles and objects on the roadway. A soft pedal is not firm, and it can be inconsistent. A frequent cause of the soft pedal is too much air in the brake line so that the hydraulic pressure of the bake line fluid does not work as needed.

At Kia of Downtown Los Angeles, we offer state of the art diagnostics, inspections, and repairs. There are many key parts to the brake system, and each can wear, leak, or fail to function correctly. Your brakes are essential for safe driving. If you have a soft pedal or fluid leak, then don't delay. Call or stop by today.



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