What Exactly is a Transfer Case?

When you own a four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicle, you have many benefits. You have the flexibility to drive in inclement weather while many are grounded, take a more challenging course than a two-wheel drive can, and help your friends out of tough situations. That’s all due to the transfer case, or rather to the gears housed inside.

Situated behind the transmission, the transfer case gears transfer wheels out of two-wheel and into 4WD. That works through the driveshafts of the front and rear axles slowing down the speed so that each wheel rotates at the same time. By doing this, your 4WD is able to gather the traction it needs.

Seals begin to crack and wear with time and use, causing oil to leak through. If you notice an oil leak, it may be time for service. We’re are here to answer your questions and assist you. Stop by service center when you’re near our showroom at Kia of Downtown Los Angeles.

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