Keeping Your Gas Tank Full in Winter Months is Good For Your Kia

There are a few good reasons to keep your gas tank full, especially in the cold winter season. Firstly, you will not run out of gas- this is an obvious one. This is especially important if you are traveling and you don't know where the next gas station is. You will also avoid be able to avoid unwanted issues with your car since your gas tank will be nice and full.

When the tank is more on the full side, you will have less space for air in your gas tank. Air itself is not the problem but rather the condensation that can occur as a result of this air. This condensation has the potential to freeze in the colder months causing your vital fuel lines to freeze up, leaving you stranded.

Come see us at Kia of Downtown Los Angeles today so that we can check your battery, tire pressure, engine, fuel lines and winterize your Kia to the maximum.

You need to prepare for the cold winter months so you can keep depending on your vehicle to start when you need it to.

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